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The Wireless Advantage

The Maxximum Wireless fixed wireless service gives us the ability to provide high speed Internet access to under serviced areas where only expensive leased line circuits are available, xDSL or cable modem service is poor due to extended copper lengths, poor copper in general or service unavailability. Maxximum Wireless will deliver high-speed data rates for a fraction of the cost of leased lines, and installation can be done quickly (as little as 48 hours).

 Maxximum Wireless has the following features: 

    “Always On” Technology – Maxximum Wireless is a fixed wireless, dedicated technology. That means that once your Maxximum Wireless connection is installed, it is on at all times, ready when you need it. You don’t need to ‘dial’ to get service, and you don’t have to worry about dropped phone connections. For a commercial account, you can run your office mail server or web server over your Maxximum Wireless connection so your customers can access it 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

·        High Speed Internet - Your Maxximum Wireless connection runs up to 100 times faster than a standard modem connection.

·        Affordable - Compared with frame relay, dedicated T1 or other high speed lines, Maxximum Wireless provides you high rate data for a very affordable price.

·        Quick Installation – Maxximum Wireless or an authorized installation company takes care of the installation from start to finish. You don’t have to wait for the telephone or cable companies to do the installation for you, giving you fast turnaround on installation (as quick as 48 hours).

·        Reliability - Due the frequency hopping nature of the technology, the Maxximum Wireless connection is reliable, and is available 24x7. This technology is designed to work well in any weather conditions, including heavy snow, rain, blizzards, fog, etc. Frequency hopping is also designed to avoid frequency interference by simply hopping around the frequency spectrum seeking channels and utilizing channels that aren’t being used.

·        Support – Maxximum Wireless fixed wireless is a service that is fully developed, installed and maintained by Maxximum Wireless. Third-party involvement (i.e. the phone and/or cable company) is not required.  That means when you need help, we will deliver to your expectations.

Fixed Wireless Local Loop

A fixed wireless local loop service can best be described as a WAN data connection from one point to another point with the use of powerful antennas and data radios. In the case of Maxximum Wireless fixed wireless, it is a wireless connection from a fixed antenna atop your building, pointing to a distribution antenna on one of our tower or rooftop locations. The data radio is connected to your PC or network of PC’s. Once the antenna has been installed and a connection has been established, Maxximum Wireless sends pure Internet data to and from your antenna so that your PC or network has seamless, full time access to the Internet at high speeds. The Maxximum Wireless wireless connection is a fixed installation, so your Internet connection stays on at all times, night and day. The Maxximum Wireless High Speed Wireless Internet connection utilizes spread spectrum, frequency hopping technology that allows the system to adjust to different weather / interference conditions to enhance reliability, and improve performance. The radios are also optimized for IP packet switching ensuring that your Internet data stream is as efficient as possible.

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