Maxximum Wireless

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, always here to help... 


We provide total IT Solutions, meaning that we look after all your IT needs.  We can  provide maintenance and support contracts, complete specific projects; such as building relocations, refits, system implementation projects or investigations into performance issues.


We Can…

...protect your systems against disaster.

...manage the expansion of your IT needs and increase your company’s productivity through the use of new technology.

 ...ensure the reliability of your systems giving you peace of mind.

...maximize the benefits from your investment in Information Technology. and maintain webpage.

...ensure the client is #1 with on-call service.



- Home 

- Wireless Internet

- VOIP Service

- IPTV Service

- Dial-up Access

- MTU/MDU Service

- High Bandwith Services

- Domain Services

- WiFi & HotSpots

- Support

- On-Site Training


- Legal/Terms