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 Maxximum Wireless’s Fixed High Speed Wireless Service is a reliable, high speed Internet service delivered through a hybrid fixed wireless/Ethernet system that operates in the 5GHz frequency range and provides end-user speeds up to 54Mbps. Maxximum Wireless’s wireless installation team installs a small antenna atop your property, and directs it at one of our distribution towers providing a strong wireless signal to a sophisticated radio device that connects to your tenants’ PC’s via an in-wall Ethernet/voice telephone jack box within the tenant’s unit and via a managed network data switch located within the property’s communication closet.

Maxximum Wireless fixed wireless utilizes a frequency hopping, spread spectrum technology that boasts reliability, and delivers performance that you would expect from a dedicated high speed leased line (speeds as fast or better than T1). This technology has been used for years in point to point dedicated applications, and has become a standard for high-speed data delivery due to its reliability in any condition.

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